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oh messy life

you like it.

7 December
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i'm a writer (a poet). a college graduate. art/music/film/photography/books/poems/bob dylan obsessive. i like cartoons. and cats. and morrissey. in that order.
afghan whigs, albert camus, aldous huxley, alfred hitchcock, allen ginsberg, anne sexton, aqua teen hunger force, arab strap, art, arthur rimbaud, beck, belle & sebastian, billie holliday, billy crudup, bjork, black heart procession, blogging, bob dylan, bright eyes, cat power, cat stevens, catcher in the rye, cats, clerks, coffee, cursive, daria, death cab for cutie, denis johnson, desaparecidos, devendra banhart, elliott smith, fellini, folk music, fraggle rock, french films, ghost world, guitars, herman hesse, high fidelity, holden caulfield, iggy pop, indie movies, indie music, indie rock, interpol, iron and wine, italy, j.d. salinger, jack kerouac, jeff buckley, jesus and mary chain, john cusack, john hughes, jolie holland, jon stewart, jose saramago, joy division, kafka, kierkegaard, klimt, led zeppelin, love, magnetic fields, magritte, michel gondry, mix tapes, modest mouse, mogwai, monkeys, morrissey, my bloody valentine, my so-called life, nick cave, nick drake, nietzsche, oscar wilde, patsy cline, pavement, pedro the lion, people watching, philosophy, photography, poetry, pop rocks, q and not u, quentin tarantino, radiohead, record stores, rilo kiley, rolling stones, royal tenenbaums, ryan adams, salvador dali, scarlett johanssen, shakespeare, sigur ros, simon and garfunkel, simone muench, sixteen candles, son volt, stephen merritt, suicide, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cure, the decemberists, the doors, the fiery furnaces, the pixies, the ramones, the shins, the simpsons, the smiths, tom waits, uncle tupelo, van gogh, velvet underground, volcano i'm still excited!!, waking life, white stripes, wilco, will oldham, william s. burroughs